Intergalactic Peace Jelly

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Intergalactic Peace Jelly hits the road again this summer with a revitalized lineup and at least an album's worth of brand new material to jam on. The tour will pass through venues new and old, spreading The Jelly farther from home than ever before. More dates coming soon!

Legend has it that Intergalactic Peace Jelly came to life as more of an idea than a physical entity, but no one knows whose idea it could have possibly started as. Some say it has existed for all eternity; others claim it is the love-child of Rock n' Roll and the Space-Time Continuum. All that is know for certain is that it descended upon Earth from the farthest reaches of the cosmos long before this planet was suitable for organic life, and here it waited patiently until the time was right to reveal itself. In what humans refer to as the year 2015, it emerged, embodied in physical form by three young men from Boulder, CO. The Jelly has been on the rise ever since, spreading the sacred word of rock and roll to anyone and everyone willing to listen. Recently, the band returned home from their first Western tour, having played stellar shows across California, Nevada, Arizona, and Utah. They have established an even more impressive reputation at home, opening for major touring acts like Marco Benevento, Analog Son, and Jennifer Hartswick at esteemed venues such as The Fox Theatre, Agave, and Cervantes Masterpiece Ballroom. The band's highly anticipated self-titled LP is expected to be released in late 2018, and will be supported by heavy touring throughout the country. Intergalactic Peace Jelly is JD Rodgers, Andrew Schuster, and Erique Johnson.

"It's easy to see it's appeal - five accomplished players, all locked in the one groove, challenging those neatly-processed pop songs of today."

-Eric Alper

"The nerdcore structure of the jams and Zappa-influenced quirkiness of the arrangements over and over reveal the Brainiac tendencies of the band members, while also highlighting a heady sense of humor and a "We don't give a f#@k attitude."

-The Marquee

" Intergalactic Peace Jelly bring back those improvisational feels reminiscent of The Grateful Dead the lyrics are catchy and will have you singing out loud in no time."

-The Bolder Beat

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