Interrogated/ The Arena

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We'll start off at 10pm with INTERROGATED where we'll ask you, the audience, to confess stories from a time where you got away with something. Maybe you stole a brownie from a roommate, or spun cookies in a football field, either way we'll take them as long as they are true. Then Backline's finest improvisers create scenes based off those stories.

ft Dylan Rohde and others

Then we'll take a short break and come back for Omaha's only longform improv competition, The ARENA! Each team gets 15 minutes, and the audience decides who comes back next week.

BRADLEY PITT STAINS (5-0) - Justin Edmonds, Shamus Murphy, Steven Murphy, Tina Huynh, Tommy Merkley

DAD JOKES- Cory Starman, Kalee Olson, Michael Johnson, Mike Smith, Toby Gastler



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