Jeff Koterba & Tom Becka: Unleashing the creative spirit inside

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Internationally recognized cartoonist, musician, and author Jeff Koterba, and award winning broadcaster, standup comedian, and author Tom Becka join forces to help unleash the creative spirit inside everyone. In today's changing world to succeed and thrive you need to be unique, innovative, and not afraid to fail.

Every day Jeff Koterba has to come up with a new idea for a political cartoon that will be syndicated to newspapers across the country. And Tom Becka needs to write a nightly commentary for his segment on Fox 42 news as well as inform and entertain each morning on his radio show on KCMO in Kansas City. How do they break out of the doldrums to not repeat themselves and create something fresh and inventive every day?

No matter what you do for a living this one hour fast paced, entertaining, and interactive presentation will inspire and motivate you to come up with fresh ideas to succeed in this changing environment.

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