Johnny Ray Gomez

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This all started with my Grandpa, Juan Reyes Gomez from Mexico, who played guitar and sang to his grandson. My mother Loretta also sings and plays the piano, my father has a wonderful bass voice. Mom and Dad met in the South High Acappella Choir.

I have four brothers, all four years apart: Larry, Jerry, Tom and Dan. For many years the "Larry Gomez & Brotherhood" band performed throughout the Midwest at weddings, nightclubs, and other special events.

We were so lucky to have parents who believed in us. John R. Gomez, Sr. and Loretta Fucinaro Gomez celebrated their 65th wedding anniversary on November 15, 2007. "Mom and Dad, we love you. Thank you for filling our lives with music and allowing us to learn the guitar, piano, and accordion."

I am blessed with three beautiful children: Johnny Ray the IV, Tony, and Gina. Johnny and Gina both live in Omaha with their families, and Tony resides in Mesa, Arizona. Between all three, I have six grandchildren: Collin, Kayla, Alex, Anthony, Alyssa, and Jarred. When my children were young it was always such a joy to return from touring and find our house buzzing with activity. The kids enjoyed movies, making and recording music, and of course there were the gymnastic meets for Gina, the first girl born into the Gomez family in 30 years!

I'd like to thank my lovely wife of five years, Mary Ann, for her ongoing love and support. We currently share our Omaha home with her talented daughter, Kara, and their furry feline named "Little One".


A special thank you to my accordion teacher and mentor, Johnny Swoboda, and his wife, Arlene, and their family. Johnny Swoboda was a tough disciplinarian. He always made sure we gave our best effort, but with a tender touch. I was a proud member of the Silver Streaks Accordion Band, founded by Johnny, and yes, we won many accordion competitions around the country. At one time Swoboda music had over 400 students. Incredible!


In show business, you can't make it alone. It takes a real team effort. I was lucky enough to be coached and promoted by these fabulous agents and artists.

The early years: Johnny Sanna (Omaha); Chuck Canuso (Omaha); Ron Canuso (who co-wrote "Go Go Go My Barracuda"); Richard Lutz (Lincoln); Bobby Morris (Las Vegas); George Soaris (Las Vegas); and the incomparable Howard B. Wolf (Los Angeles). Howard was my one and only personal manager during the touring years of the Johnny Ray Gomez Revue.

Thanks to them, I was able to reach beyond my wildest dreams in this crazy world of show biz!

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