Julie Baker: Songs of Life & Love

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Songstress Julie Baker will perform repertoire from her show entitled "Songs of Life and Love." Her voice, humor and stag e presence create an incredibly enjoyable experience for her audience. There is something for everyone in Julie's show and those who witness the joy Julie brings to the stage do not leave disappointed. She is an award winning music educator, and has sung and performed professionally all of her life. Although she is a native farm girl from Nebraska, Julie was classically trained while receiving her Bachelors of Music Education at the University of Nebraska Lincoln Campus. Her versatile voice allows her to sing music of all different genres including pop, R&B, jazz, country and classic standards. Aside from being a vocalist with a mesmerizing voice, Julie is also an entertainer who takes her audience through a musical journey. All that hear and experience her show will leave with a song in their heart and a smile on their face.

"Julie Baker draws you in with her crystalline voice, cool phrasing and dazzling style. classically trained and versatile, she can sing an aria, pop, jazz, R&B and more. Enchanting listeners inany genre, Julie rocks the room."

-Michael Kelly, Omaha World Herald


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