Karaoke with Michelle and Patrick

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21+ Free

OOHHhh schnap! Get your pop voice on, get your country twang revved up, get your heavy metal shit off da floor of your mouth, bust out your 90s tone, and burn some effing microphones to the GROUND! Start practicing the faces you are going to make NOW because karaoke brings everyone out. Fall in love! Fall out of love! Get lusty, win a Grammy, show the world who you REALLY are! The next day is the 4th of July, so this is going to be really fun. Wear your bathing suit! Smash some figurative brains in, ya nerds!

Drinks and winks from your favorite bartenders.

Hosted by Michelle and Patrick because we love karaoke.

Party on, Waynes of the world!

O'Leaver's Pub

(402) 556-1238

Booze, Tunes and Volleyball. OLeavers has it all. HAPPY HOUR SPECIAL Mon-Fri 4-8pm: $1 pints of PBR HOUSE SPECIALS (All The Time): $1.50...