Karl Blau with LAKE at Vega

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Karl Blau with LAKE at Vega 10/23

9PM | 18+ | $5 ADV $8 DOS

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Karl Blau, hailing from beautiful Anacortes, Washington State, is a singer and multi-instrumentalist with a passion for recording music. He has performed solo and in bands (EARTH, Your Heart Breaks, Laura Veirs, Bright Black Morning Light, Maher Shalal Hash Baz, D+, The Gift Machine, The Solvents, The Microphones/Mount Eerie, Little Wings, Lori Goldston to name some), touring across the globe since the mid 90s.

LAKE formed in 2005 in Olympia, WA.

Lindsay, Markly, Ashley, and Andrew all knew each other from Canada (California). Eli is the Washington connection, he's a true Washingtonian. Lindsay's a true Michiganian, but she has no home. Lindsay and Eli met in Olympia and she said he should meet Ashley. While in California he called Ashley and they began recording within minutes of meeting. Soon after she moved to Olympia and the band formed. Karl Blau discovered the band and recorded their first album in early 2006 for his label KLAPS (Keld Lunacy Advanced Plagarism Society).

The story goes on from there.... recorded cassette, toured with Adrian Orange, recorded with Tucker Martine, toured with Laura Veirs, European tour in 2007 with Half-handed Cloud, K Records released Oh, the Places We'll Go, US tour with Desolation Wilderness, records with Karl Blau again, Let's Build a Roof!, US tour with Karl Blau 2009, and currently touring Europe..... etc.. lots of blank spots there.

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