Kitty, Daisy, & Lewis with Gemma Ray

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Kentish Town siblings Kitty, Daisy & Lewis are a group of highly talented and original musicians who play more or less anything they can lay their hands on. Their musical references and skills are rooted in the old tradition where songs and music are handed down, played and enjoyed at gatherings of family and friends. From a very young age Kitty, Daisy & Lewis’ performances have been blowing away and inspiring audiences, building up an impressive fan base from the likes of Amy Winehouse, Chris Martin and Eagles Of Death Metal to Dustin Hoffman and Ewan McGregor. They have had worldwide success with sold out tours and have opened for Coldplay, Razorlight, Richard Hawley, Jools Holland among others.


At their packed live shows there’s no compromise when Kitty’s howling harmonica solos backed by Daisy’s solid rhythm on a battered snare-drum and Lewis’s snapping guitar work drive crowds into a Southern Evangelical frenzy. The trio jump from one instrument to another, which range from piano, lap steel, banjos, ukulele, accordion, xylophone, trombone to name but a few.


Joining them on stage are former Raincoats drummer Ingrid Weiss on upright bass, Daddy Grazz on acoustic guitar, and legendary Jamaican trumpet player Eddie “Tan Tan” Thornton.


Kitty Daisy & Lewis have now grabbed the musical bull by the horns, producing an exquisite and exciting self-penned second studio album Smoking In Heaven; a breath of fresh air in a somewhat predictable music scene. This album takes the solid roots of their first album but then pushes the boundaries taking in the best of musical influences while still keeping that elusive Kitty Daisy & Lewis treatment that is just beyond words. The music is difficult to categorise – there are recognisable genres but then there are surprising juxtapositions and references that elude and challenge the senses. Check Wah Wah pedals, Hammond organs, harps? This is music to be listened to and enjoyed and dug deeper into on every listen.


Their song writing and arrangements are delicious pieces of penmanship and seem to defy gravity by lifting the spirit. Smoking In Heaven also contains several extended improvised instrumentals – a bold move in the desert of so called pop based fodder. Jamaican ska legends Eddie “Tan Tan” Thornton and Rico Rodriquez make guest appearances. Like their highly acclaimed and successful first album Kitty Daisy & Lewis, the production and recording have been done in their vintage studio at home, using ribbon microphones and analogue tape formats without the harsh digital interference of computers. In the words of trombonist Rico Rodriguez, impressed by the playback, “…me like the reel! me no like studio with the… umm… television!”.

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