Ladies Night @ Rehab 3/20

Jacob Christoffersen 49 views

Gather your girlfriends, it’s time for a ladies night out! But before you can get to mingling, you need a happening place to hold your ladies’ night. A hot spot—Somewhere you can relax, unwind and socialize over the cities most delightful Fishbowl menu or delicious signature cocktail menu. And eat as many chocolates and candies as you want. That’s right, it’s ladies’ night at Rehab. And you, your girlfriends, and a good time are about to get reacquainted.


Get the scoop on what new with your ladies. Talk about your kid’s latest accomplishments. Toast to a promotion. There’s much to discuss. Luckily, you’ve got all night. Because unlike other ladies’ night locales, at Rehab, you’ll never feel rushed. So you can sit and chat until you’re ready to hit the sack or until the sitter calls, whichever comes first.



Rehab is West Omaha's premier dance destination. If you're looking for a top-notch night at a top-notch club Rehab is the...