Late to the Party, Ugly Sweater Party w/ Food Bank For Heartland

Sarah Cooper 854 views

Always late? Maybe you just don't want to retire that sweet, swweeeeetttttttt ugly sweater. Then this is the event for you. Come on down to Cunningham's on Thursday December 29th for the last ugly sweater party of the year. Bring in some dry goods to help Food Bank For The Heartland and Bell's Brewing is going to give you a pint glass to take home. Starts at 6pm with prizes given away at 9pm for the prettiest sweater of the night.

Cunningham's Pub and Grill

(402) 934-4385

Cunninghams Pub and Grill was founded in 2010 by Guy and Imogene Richards. Named after Imo’s mother Inez Cunningham, and operated...