Lauv: I met you when I was 18. World Tour

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Doors at 7:00pm

Main Room

$13 Advance/$15 Day of show

All ages show. Check entry requirements at

I met you when I was 18. is the first chapter of Lauv's music and story. Listen now at:


In his early teens, Ari Leff picked up a guitar and started writing songs that uncannily captured all the

nuance of heartbreak. "For whatever reason, before I ever had any sort of relationship, I had this weird

obsession with writing love songs and breakup songs," says the L.A.-based singer/songwriter/producer. "I

remember being a kid and my dad asking me, 'Why do you write all these sad songs all the time?' But to

me that's always been one of the most beautiful ways to connect with people on a real level. There's

nothing like openness of being in love, and for me that vulnerability is maybe the most important part of

being alive."

Jeremy Zucker

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