Ledicious w/ The Justin Carter Band, and The Cosmic Smiths

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*Also having a Thunderhead Brewing Special Event!!! It's "Frau" or never!!

Ledicious is a new band with an old name. Vince, Coop and Ben (all seasoned musicians playing in the Omaha area for the last 10 years) have been playing together for half a year, and just started rocking the Omaha music scene. They are working hard to release the music they have written, because there is a lot of it. They're always working on new songs and playing as many shows as possible.

The band's overlapping and differing tastes in music make for a eclectic blend of sounds and genres. Each member plays multiple instruments and helps with the songwriting process, though many of the ideas and lyrics for songs start with Vince.

The lyrical content is often existential in nature, but similar to the overall genre it is subject to random vibe change.

Goals: Record music, rock your world, take this show on the road. Meet friends


Justin Carter writes and performs fusiony jammy prog-rock music. He will be joined by drummer Jeff Kolega and bassist Michael Frederickson for a set of emotive and evocative tunes.




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