Legend Mic: Issue #66

Amanda Simanek 29 views

Legend Mic is an all-ages all-comedy open mic that's held every Thursday at Legend Comics and Coffee at 52nd and Leavenworth. It's a 100% clean mic per management's request, so please leave swearing to the comics on the shelf.

Sign up is at 6:30pm, lineup is announced at 7:00, and the mic begins shortly after. Stage time depends on turnout, but expect about 5-7 minutes. Late-comers are welcome and will be added to the end of the list, time permitting.

This mic is your shot to test out new material or give comedy a try for the first time. The unique setting gives a chance for our under 21 comedy sisters and brothers to get stage time, so be sure to tell all your high school pals about us!

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