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Lifehouse's seventh album Out of the Wasteland comes out May 19. Today, Billboard has an exclusive sneak peek at the L.A. rockers' record with the premiere of the behind-the-bars video for "Hurricane," a track lead singer-songwriter Jason Wade says is reminiscent of their early work.

"'Hurricane' started as a catchy up-tempo pop song and then transformed into this electric, energetic rock song that was very reminiscent of our first album," Wade tells Billboard. "I feel like it is the backbone of the record, and was the catalyst that brought our band back around full circle.

"The video depicts two people working out their problems in a scene of chaos, which takes place in a prison. A fitting setting since the song is about a refusal to give up on someone no matter how turbulent life can get sometimes. It was refreshing to revisit sonically somewhere that we haven't been for a while, and sometimes the best place to arrive at, is at the beginning."

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The CenturyLink Center Omaha Arena is big! A six-story building can fit inside the space. This much space can hold a lot of people—18,300 people...