Line Dance Party! (Rednecks is now open on Thursdays!)

Sarah Cooper 827 views

For years, Rednecks Bar has been known for it's wild and crazy Wednesday, Friday, and Saturday nights full of music and dancing!

Well now, Rednecks is proud to announce that we will be open TONIGHT for LINE DANCE THURSDAYS!

This night is for anyone and everyone who is interested in learning the hottest line dances moves! Lauri Behrens will be teaching dances from BEGINNER to INTERMEDIATE; including the popular Cupid Shuffle, The Wobble, Hick Town, Fake ID, and more!

Dance lessons will begin at 6:30pm (for Beginners) and 7:30pm (for Intermediate) - and of course stick around and practice your new moves to today's hit music!!

Best part....NO COST, NO COVER! This is a FREE night!



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