Lookout Is For Lovers: Emo Prom Presented by Throwback Thursday

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xXtHrOwBaCkxThUrSdAyXx is back ON A FRIDAY! Lookout Lounge presents "Lookout is for Lovers," the saddest, angstiest prom you've ever been to.

We're outside of your window..with our RADIOOOO. If you forget your black eyeliner at home, we've got you covered with an eyeliner, hairspray, and teasing station. Borrow your sister's tight jeans, and wear all five of your studded belts (over the tux your parents insisted you rent). Swoop your hair, because we're going back to the days of music where life was so emotional that you just had to scream about it. It's xXtHrOwBaCkxThUrSdAyXx, and uhleaseislame, smoochiebaby06 and xXRockstaretteXx are bringing all of your favorite pop punk/emo/screamo/godcore/post hardcore jams for a night of drinking (unless you're edge), dancing and screaming [infidelities] the night away.

PC 4 PC : We've got a photographer/photo booth to get that classic prom shot with your date!

$3 Alexisonfireball shots

$3 Poison the Well Whiskey and Cokes

$4 Existentialism on Prom Night Punch

$5 cover

Hosted by Chalis Bristol x Elise Schaefer x Jocelyn Wiser


Doors: 8:00, Show: 9:00

ALL AGES - Everyone must have a valid ID. Under 18 needs to be accompanied by a parent or guardian or have a notarized parental permission form: http://www.lookoutomaha.com/parental-consent-form

For show/venue info go to: www.lookoutomaha.com

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