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"The music from Omaha pop quintet Lot Walks is ripe for the season. Lyrically, they are beachy, youthful songs of love and its opposites. The band's pleasant and saccharine sound interlopes on more coastal vistas - California, specifically - than you'd expect Omaha young people to know. The title of their debut EP Tourist gestures at the inconsistency. There is a way in which they're taking a trip in a sense of place that's not theirs. But with the surf guitar, walking bass and foregrounded vocals being universal qualities of pop music the last half century, Lot Walks feels sun-soaked even 1500 miles inland.

The song "Californ I A" even gestures at the illusion: the pools and the swimsuits are a dream nobly backed by a band that seems intent on squeezing every drop out of sweetness out of the surf pop and then chugging it to keep cool in the heat." ~ Chance Solem-Pfeifer - Hear Nebraska (2014)

"It's a damn shame The O.C. isn't still on television. I think even cynical Seth Cohen would agree that Lot Walks' new album Santa Molly would be the perfect soundtrack to all those beachy, sun-drenched days. Santa Molly is a dreamy gathering around a beach bonfire at sunset, reminiscing of sunshine, rainy days, cold winds, wanderlust and a million Gidget and Moondoggie heartthrob moments." ~ Rebecca Lowry - Hear Nebraska (2015)

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