Magnum Pro Presents: Anniversary Vol. 7

Logan Davis 1,103 views

Magnum Pro's annual celebration of the GREATEST professional wrestling in the midwest comes to you live from the Side Room at Ralston Arena!

Magnum Pro Champion Duke Cornell defends his title against TJ Benson, Jayden Draigo, and JC Slater in a "Fatal Four Way" match.

Allen Shepard defends his NOW This is Wrestling Championship against Donnie Peppercricket in STEEL CAGE!

And one of the most gruesome matches ever comes to Magnum Pro when Bo Gott and Joey Anderson brawl in a Taipei Deathmatch.

See all this and more as we celebrate our company's history by putting on one loaded show!

Tickets start at $10 GA with limited $15 front row seats available!

Limited family 5-packs will also be available at $40!

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The Side Room

400 capacity room is the premier spot for concerts, weddings, corporate gatherings and tailgating before main arena events