Magnum Pro Presents Over the Top

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It's the annual Over The Top battle royal where the winner gets a title match of their choosing at Anniversary Vol.8 in January!

20 men will compete for the coveted opportunity at Magnum Pro's biggest show!

Matches signed for this event:

20 Man Over The Top Battle Royal Featuring:

Duke Cornell

Jayden Draigo

Teddy Mercury

Donnie Peppercricket

Con Artiest

Jack Darling


Vic Victory

Nicky Scent


Logan James

JC Slater



Magnum Pro Championship

Teacher V Student

Jaysin Strife (c) v "Bad Boy" TJ Benson

Cold Stone Tim Boston's "Now This is Wrestling Championship" Open Challenge

Tony Cortez v Abu

Magnum Pro Tag Team Championship Match

Daniels Bros v The "PP" Connection (C)

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