Matt Jewett, Dominique Morgan, Mim Aparo

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A bit of a "songwriter" theme going on here, in that there will be lyrics you can hear and understand. ("what?!"-metalheads)

Don't worry though, this is not a night of depressing ukelele songs. If you've attempted dating or life in general at all, you'll find some laughs. -Jason

Matt Jewett (OKC,OK)

-of Shut Up Matt Jewett. Is that redundant? Anyway, he may be another white dude with an acoustic guitar, but he does not play music to fall asleep to. Pay attention and hear the blazing guitar rythms, see him fly around on stage, and hear some of the best lyrics ever about break ups, drugs, and humility. Coming in with lots of new material!

Dominique Morgan (Omaha,NE)

-I feel pretty safe calling him an RNB solo artist who does some really great collaborations too. It's fair to say he sings about lovey dovey stuff most of the time, but with an attitude and humor that makes it fun again.

Mim Aparo (Omaha,NE)

-Frontman of Anthems. Long time member of the Plain White Tee Tribe, I don't think he owns any other shirts. Watch him for his great lead guitar ability, and story telling lyrics.

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