Matt Whipkey “Underwater” LP/CD Release Show

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Very real people live at the heart of Matt Whipkey's new LP, "Underwater". Unlike 2013's historical fiction character study, "Penny Park" Whipkey turns his songwriter's eye onto individuals in his own life. While this exploration of lost love, friendship, death and indulgence is personal in nature, its meditation on emotional struggle is definitively universal. Throughout "Underwater", Whipkey realizes we all have a Maryclare, Hunter B. , Gary Flanagan, Kathleen and Sam in our own story. They live with us, guide us, challenge us, elate us and let us down. They occupy our daily lives, memories and dreams. Matt Whipkey invites you to not only meet these men and women of his world, but to let them mirror the many who shape yours.

Over the past three years, few songwriters rival Whipkey's creative output. On the heels of the rock and roll collection "Two Truths" and the award winning double LP, "Penny Park: Omaha, NE: Summer 1989", Whipkey releases, "Underwater", his third full length in as many years. For Whipkey, each release informs and challenges the next. Benefiting from this self imposed game of musical one-upsmanship, "Underwater" presents his strongest set to date.

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