McCarthy Trenching with High Up

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For a decade now, McCarthy Trenching has been an Omaha folk fixture, a staple of the city's music community and a purveyor of songs that are quietly, but quintessentially, Nebraskan. The evidence is five albums of easy acoustic melodies and lyrical craft from singer-songwriter, guitarist and pianist Dan McCarthy. The songs - which have chronicled the likes of Dorothy Lynch and the Ogallala Aquifer, - may land as wistful and contemplative but they're consistently delivered with the zip of a one-liner.

Around and between albums, McCarthy has been a regular player at Film Streams' live silent film scorings and performs ragtime piano each week at Omaha's Pageturners Lounge.

Joining this 1200 Club performance is High Up, a new Omaha band featuring sisters Christine Fink and Orenda Fink (Azure Ray, O+S, Art in Manila).

The band draws from a wide variety of influences, from Sam Cooke to Dead Kennedys, from Screaming Jay Hawkins to Velvet Underground, and blends the genres to create a frenetic live show and sound that is at once old and new.

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