Megaton: Destroyer of Worlds album release party: FREE SHOW | 6 Acts

Amanda Simanek 37 views

Well we have finally made it, the release of our first full length album. It's been an incredible journey writing and recording these songs for you all. As a thank you to all of our friends and fans, we're putting on a free show. That's right, just show buy a few beers, buy the album and enjoy the show. We'll be performing the entire album live.

Joining us are 6 acts that we've been good friends with over the years, including;

Buggy Lewis and The Rabbit Grenades: This band features the recording engineer that made this album possible, Mr. Doug Decker. In addition, over the years as a metal band that frequently plays amongst punk bands, nobody has made us feel more welcome than these guys.

Gongfermour: A quirky synth-punk band that squashes a bunch of different genres together in an amazing way.

Super Moon: A doom band that recently rose through the ranks and delivers a super charged performance at every show they play.

Sovereignty: A brand new prog/thrash band, in fact this is their first live perfomance. The former guitarist from Orpheus Ryan Lieb put this band together.

Adam Peterson: Megaton's unoffical 5th member and our Alcoholic Wizard mascot. Performing an acoustic set.... or is he?

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