Melodime at Reverb Lounge

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Melodime is a piano driven rock band whose beginnings date back to performing music in the hayloft of their childhood horse farm. They have stuck to their core values and built their brand centered on quality music that has genuine meaning and is easy to relate to. "One thing you never question about a Melodime song is whether they put their all into it. Each one is not just musically addictive, but is fit to bursting with the emotion and energy the artists infused into it; it's not commercial, it's better: it's art." - The Trades

Most up and coming bands have dreams of fame and fortune, scoring No. 1 hits and platinum records, and there's nothing wrong with that. But Melodime is not like most bands - they won't stop there. Using the profits from one of their albums, and support from their loyal fans, the band runs a charity called 'Now I Play Along Too' that provides instruments and music lessons to underprivileged children. Their goal is to provide opportunities to children that have aspiration to play a musical instrument so one day they can say, "Now I Play Along Too."

You see... Melodime is what's missing in music today - a band that tells stories from their deepest recesses of their hearts and souls: a band that seamlessly blends the musical past with the sounds of the future; a band that is working hard to make a difference through their music and charitable giving that will last a lifetime.

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