Mere Shadows | Brazen Throats | Hand Painted Police Car

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Mere Shadows

with BrazenThroats & Hand Painted Police Car

Tickets: $7

On sale now:

All ages / Doors at 8pm

Mere Shadows is a post-hardcore band from Omaha that serves as an outlet for former members of Chromafrost, The Sound of Rails, and Qing Jao. The band includes drummer Jeff Everroad, bassist Julie Kestner, and the twin guitar attack of John Kestner and guitarist/vocalist Michael Johnson.

Taking musical cues from the likes of Hot Snakes, Big Black, and Dag Nasty, Mere Shadows' songs create a sonic canvas upon which themes of lost hope and unrequited love are painted. Their recently released singles, "All Aboard the Breakdown Train," and "Surprise! It's Todd from the Mailroom," showcase a dark, yet melodic crunch, harkening back to sounds not commonly heard since the 1990s.

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