Mesonjixx w/ Chemicals 2.0 at The B. Bar

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Mesonjixx: Songstress Mary Elizabeth Lawson is the heart and artist behind Mesonjixx. Her passion and skill for songwriting, combined with the like of local musician friends is what leads the direction of this musical/artivist project. -- Mesonjixx makes music that reminds us to find love in moments of seeming chaos, igniting the fire to fight for freedom and confront life honestly. The music will liberate your spine and mind.

Chemicals 2.0 presents

John J Evans

Jacob Cubby Phillips

Jevon Mickles

Ben Merliss

Andrew Martinez

A mix of R&B Jazz and funk originating from Omaha Ne

The B. Bar


Come enjoy the ambiance of a warmly lit room casting its soft glow off the stained birch wood. Packed with shuffleboard, darts, pinball,...