Metal Monday - Open Jam

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Interested in jamming? Give this a read so you know what to expect:

We're going to try something a bit different for this edition of Metal Monday and allow an open platform for metal jammers in town to express themselves and play with others for the first time. Many of us know how great it is to jam with friends and strangers at the Down Under, so we're going to continue to do so, but this time with the expectation that we're going to get heavy.

We will have amps set up for a couple guitars, a bass, and some vocal channels. If you would like to bring some of your own gear, feel free!! But be open to sharing with others! It is encouraged that you bring your own guitars and drumsticks, as we all know how carried away our metal sides can get sometimes, otherwise you may have to ask one of the resident jammers to use their equipment. We will also have a complete drumset, double bass pedal included!

We're going into this with the expectation that the Metal community here in Omaha is thriving, and that we don't always have an outlet to get our riffs and fills out with eachother. So let's make this a special night! Again, the focus here is JAMMING, so be ready to think on your toes and use your ears! If we stumble into a cover song that everyone knows, that's great, but we would like to keep the focus on CREATING new music and sounds that we will only be able to hear on this one night.

Keep in mind that a jam means being able to play together with others and building musical connections that we may not always be able to do at home or in the studio, so we're expecting some shredding and some insanity, but leave your 7/8 riffs and ego at the door. If the guys you end up jamming with can handle the challenge of some complex prog, that's great and it's entirely welcome! But do not expect to make others follow you while you're soloing in 5/16. This is a jam for everyone.

There will be a sign up sheet near the stage. We will loosely be using this to create a flow of jammers that is fair to everyone involved to the best of our ability.

If you have never played metal before, or if it's just not what you're used to, don't worry! Some of the best jams come from the unexpected, and I personally would love to hear some horns or woodwinds mixed into some of these jams. So, if you play something else not traditionally metal, bring your instrument out and help us make this special! If you're a blues guy, come help us add some layers to our sound. The key focus is to create something together, and to have a fun time doing it, with a heavier twist than normal. "Funky Psychedelic Pop Jazz Metal" still counts.

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