Metal Monday w/ Flux Amuck, Fields of Murder, Primal Waters

Gerald Glaza 242 views

Metal Monday returns to guarantee your week starts off brutal and your month ends with a bit of blood sacrifice. (metaphorical blood sacrifice only please - but what you do at home is entirely up to you)

This month's FREE show will feature:

Flux Amuck - Loved for their experimental twist on metal, these guys will make sure to itch your proggy, weird sensibilties, and leave you feeling awesome for it.

Fields of Murder - A dynamic storm of sound from Lincoln, Nebraska. You will be blown away by this unorthodox and intriguing take on modern hardcore.

Primal Waters - Since the dragon raids, Primal Waters has been writing music to the sounds of crashing swords and armor. Experts in slaying devils, expect to exercise your horns and inner demons.

Down Under Lounge and Side Door Stage


With new ownership and a new look The Down Under is a great nieghborhood bar in Midtown. Great prices, a good selction and fosebal...