Mexico Independence Celebration

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Suavecito Entertainment & House of Loom present ...

══ a celebration for MEXICO'S INDEPENDENCE ══

At House of Loom, we don't build walls, we tear them down! Help us celebrate the culture & people to the south of us, and right here in our city, by celebrating Mexico's independence. Performances in store. More to be announced!

► Feat. DJ Chicks & Dj JPEG aka "Café con leche"

► Doors open at 8pm w/$3 wells until 10pm

► Music starts at 10pm w/a $5 cover / 21+

► Email for table reservations




Summer 2016 has arrived, and it was ushered in by the Strawberry Moon & Summer Solstice coinciding at the same time. The last time that celestial occurrence came about was in 1967, the night they declared it the Summer of Love. Because of that, we're declaring this the SUMMER OF DANCE!

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