Missing Kitten presents Max Fine - TWO SHOWS

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The Missing Kitten Comedy Show is Omaha's longest running monthly standup comedy show. It's the 2nd Saturday of every month at The Backline theater in Omaha and features nationally touring comedians from Los Angeles, Denver, Chicago, and New York City, as well as local comedians on the rise. Hosted/produced by Dusty Stehl and Jimmy Putnam.

TWO SHOWS | 9:00PM & 10:30PM | 18+ | $5


Max Fine

Max Fine is a comedian from Atlanta, GA, currently accepting hate mail in Brooklyn, New York. Highly praised for his colorful storytelling, Max taps into his own personal experiences for laughs and the occasional "I hope he's okay." He hosts the weekly podcast "Everything's Fine" and was once a very serious bowler. He has never taken acid but probably won't say no if you offer it.


Aaron Naylor

Aaron Naylor is a comedian from Kansas City. He has performed at San Francisco Sketchfest, Cape Fear Comedy Festival, and placed 2nd at the 2016 Cleveland Comedy Festival. He also was named the 2017 funniest person in Wichita for some reason. He just wants you to love him.

Barry Yuille Jr.

Barry Yuille started his comedy career at the University of Florida in the TBS National College Comedy competition. He has since opened for the likes of Kyle Kinane, Spoken Reasons, and Doug Stanhope.

Katie Anderson

Not only is Katie an extremely funny stand-up comedian, but she is also very skilled at writing short biographies in the third person. She would never admit it herself, but she is definitely one of the most beautiful and wittiest comics to hit the stage in decades. After winning her 8th grade class's "best sense of humor" award and receiving the honor of opening a fortune cookie that read "others enjoy your sense of humor," she realized that stand-up comedy was her true destiny. You can now find her chasing her dreams in comedy clubs, bars, and that pediatrician's office Christmas party that one time. She uses her wit and sarcasm to command the stage. And be careful, just when you think that you have her comedic style figured out, she hits you with another punch!

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