Mountain Sprout with The Prairie Gators

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Mountain Sprout

with The Prairie Gators

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Here is what people are saying about MOUNTAIN SPROUT!!!

Mountain Sprout has the look of wild all over them in their long beards and smoke and drink while they play attitudes. It is a potent combination and it works. The Quartet plays wild and loose too, sawing fiddles or trashing banjos. They inject their funny songs about weed smoking and beer drinking and fight causing with fervor and a sense of believability. Kevin Kinder - Arkansas Democratic Gazette

They drank. They played a fiddle and a banjo. And they brought forth the realization that it's acceptable to wear overalls somewhere other than my town and for something other than farming. Why Mountain Sprout was a band with nary a presence on my radar a week ago is baffling to me, for they sing of my life. A song called 'River Float'? Dude playing a banjo, cigarette in hand? Jesus, it's a travesty I was unaware of this business. But I digress for Mountain Sprout is about nothing if not the opposite of business. Playing to the hippies at the festival (who I presume hate the DJs as much as I), they brought everyone in close to the stage the second they struck about it and a raucous commenced. Out of Eureka, the band clearly knows this crowd and the crowd clearly knew them, singing along and dancing under the white tent. What you could feel most about Mountain Sprout is that they're genuine - they're not just talking about living a country life, they're fucking do it. That song about beer and not being able to find it because you're in a backwoods dry county? That happened. That one about stinking like a turkey buzzard? I believe these boys have probably been there and will soon again. Mountain Sprout, however drunk they can get, however high they are, sort of epitomize the Ozarks. That might make us uncivilized or simple, but I'm okay with that. Mountain Sprout sounds just like home. And bands should always follow that modus operandi: Live what you love, sing about it. If the size of Mountain Sprout's crowd and their enthusiasm was any indicator of what that will bring, then you'd do good to get on that road. SAM - Folk Hive

They say even the littlest bit of physical exercise helps. While a band like Mountain Sprout has no illusions about being fitness gurus, when listeners hear an actual Mountain Sprout song it's the hardest thing in the world not to get off their butts and start dancing around. Whether a person has one drink in his or her hands or a dozen already inside his or her guts, the little band from Eureka Springs, Arkansas, will either set toes tappin' at the very least, or someone will need to call 911 because the lack of motion will indicate death. Mountains Sprout's personality is genial and friendly. They like the finer things in life - drinkin', smokin', music, parties. Their subject matter is the same and surprisingly is anything but one-trick. Like the best bands that soak their music in the communal tub of rotgut, weed and wild nights, Mountain Sprout is in on the joke. TJ Jones - Carbondale IL, Nightlife

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