Muse: A Drag Bacchanal

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We're throwing a party celebrating all of our favorite Divas!



April 27th



Our lineup? Sickening! Come see these beautiful queer beauties turn into the following Diva's.


-Milo Nova is bringing that Honey as Robyn

-Nova Auron is going to keep it xtra dirrty as Christina Aguilera

-We won't be able to get Dren's Kylie Minogue out of our heads!

-CC Pebbles? As Beyonce?? ***Flawless

-Molli Poppinz is crafting a Perfect Illusion as Lady Gaga

-Cake, We're so Into You being Ariana Grande

-Ziggy Quinn will keep us Nightclubbing by bringing us some Grace Jones realness

The Sydney

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