Music Maven Review: Alice in Chains


Stir Cove opened their 2014 Summer Concert Series Saturday night with a sold -out house of heavy metal and grunge music lovers who came to spend the evening with Alice in Chains. What a great way to show off the venue as well as the talent!

If you're a follower of the band, you know the story of original founder Layne Staley and his battle with drugs and demons. The band has reformed with lead singer William DuVall, who has exceptional talent, and is the perfect complement to his band mates.

Outsiders may identify Alice in Chains exclusively in the grunge genre, but this band offers a variety of musical mixtures from metal to blues - yes, I said blues - and the emotion that emanates from the stage is captivating. There are vocals of deep insight and guitar riffs that pound your heart and cut deep into your soul. The harmonies are a fusion of fervidness and fury and every song leaves the spectator hungry for one more drum beat, one more chorus.

The crowd was dense but respectful. Fists were raised, heads were banging and voices were shouting the lyrics and praise for Alice in Chains. The audience spent most of the evening on their feet, and the entire 'no chair zone' was jam-packed with spectators, who never left their spot on the newly astro-turfed lawn. The loyalty and the appreciation was a two-way path from stage to lawn and back again. I was almost as mesmerized by the people as I was by the band.

Great night, and so good to be back in my melodic comfort zone again. The Stir Cove Summer Concert Series is the most amazing way to spend the summer. I recommend you check out the lineup at and join us for an evening of musical magic!

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