Nahko And Medicine For The People w/ Xiuhtezcatl

Ashley Haley 1,021 views

Doors at 8:00pm

Main Room

$23 Advance/$25 Day of show

All ages show. Check entry requirements at

Slowdown and HighLucyNation Present

Nahko and Medicine for the People

so many dear people helped me write and live these stories. the two summers i spent in alaska, half the winter in louisiana and the other half holed up in my van in portland, and then the first year in hawaii were transformational and pivotal to shaping me into who i am today. those 3 years before i met my mother would offer a reclaiming of my name, finding new faith and fever for my own spiritual connection to Creator, and discovering first love. these were just a few of the important discoveries for a young cub set on exploring the world and finding himself amongst the wild.


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HISTORY Slowdown began as an idea to start a rock club in the fall of 2000. And a fairly simple idea at that. After living in...