Nature Connects 2 LEGO® Exhibit at Lauritzen Gardens

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Compare your wing span to a beautiful monarch butterfly, stand tall with a majestic bald eagle, go nose-to-nose with a giant praying mantis and waddle along with a friendly family of ducks. Inspired by nature and built from nearly 300,000 LEGO® pieces, this indoor exhibit features 12 ALL-NEW displays with 25 larger-than-life sculptures that represent the web of incredible connections that sustain life on Earth.

Don't miss the "Play and Let it Stay station," where visitors of all ages can create, take apart, tinker, build and grow together.

This blockbuster exhibit is included with admission, $10 for adults, $5 for children 6-12 and free for garden members and children under six.

Everything in nature is connected Just as LEGO® bricks connect together to create something fun, colorful and intricate, so too is nature. All living things on Earth are interconnected to create a complex and amazing network with each piece relying on the others to which it is connected.

Through the exhibit and its accompanying interpretive messaging, visitors will learn how ecosystems rely on diversity to survive and thrive, how healthy and balanced populations are maintained, about the connection between plants and pollinators, how human activity has a deep-rooted and often permanent impact on our planet, and many other messages

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