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The international event series, Nothing but Deep, is back, bassssssssssssier and darkkkkkkkkkker than ever! Make sure you buckle your seat belt for the ride off this planet and onto MARS.

+ + + DJ White (Deep, Tech, Bass) + + +

DJ White started his djing career abroad becoming interested in deep/tech house. He is the co-owner of Nothing But Deep event series/ record label. Although the crowd is oblivious to what he will play next, for sure it will be Deep, bassy, and dark!

+ + + Danny Pachman (Progressive House, Techno) + + +

Danny Pachman was born nearly a millennium ago during the Norman conquest of England. His family launched him into orbit at near light speed so that he could travel into the future and deliver spacey dance music, rather than be killed. After 949 years of orbiting the earth he landed in Detroit, the city of turntables and subwoofers, at a venue called the Universe Building. He is now located in Omaha, and excited to share with you his celestial inspired sounds.

Bar 415

(402) 346-7455

Bar 415 is super-hip dance club more likely to be found in New York than in a small Midwest cubbyhole. The dark and elegant venue...