NovemBEARD Bear Crafting Workshop

Trevor Scott 1,162 views

*This crafting workshop is for those who want to participate in Novem.BEARD by crafting a beard during the month long donor campaign for American Cancer Society- Lincoln, NE.*

Want to participate in NovemBEARDs but feeling a bit overwhelmed with how to craft your own show-stopping beard? Have no fear! We have a workshop just for you thanks to our friends at Makit Takit! Let the awesome crafters of Makit Takit: Lincoln's Craft Studio help you come up with a funky beard that will wow the crowd at the NovemBEARDs Brews and Beards Festival on November 30th! Tickets for the workshop are $15.

What's included with the workshop:

● Ideas and inspiration to help you get started

● All kinds of fun supplies to help you create your wearable face locks

● Crafting tools such as hot glue guns, scissors, staplers etc

● Awesome instructors from Makit Takit to help you bring your vision to life

● 1 glass of delicious beer from our host brewery, Blue Blood Brewing Company, to sip as you craft the night away (additional beers available for purchase)

● Participants are welcome to bring materials from home to the class as well to give your beard a personal touch!

More about NovemBEARDs American Cancer Society Donor Campaign:

American Cancer Society- Lincoln, NE is teaming up with the Nebraska Craft Brewers Guild to host an event that will bring the Lincoln community together for two great causes- fighting cancer, and supporting local brewers. The month-long campaign will raise funds to support the American Cancer Society's mission, while our Festival celebrations will support the Nebraska Craft Brewer's Guild efforts and goals.

NovemBEARD participants will compete against fellow beard lovers in beard-growing or beard-crafting for the month of November. Participants will fundraise for their preference of either the American Cancer Society or the American Cancer Society Action Network. Want to learn more about the NovemBEARD Donor Campaign and NovemBEARD's Brews & Beards Festival? Your beard can help save lives! Details HERE: