OK Party Comedy Presents: Nintendo Power Hour vs The Wizard

Kyle Branecki 23 views

Love video games and 80's movies? We want to celebrate them with you. Do you remember The Wizard? The movie where Fred Savage breaks a kid out of a mental institution and the lead singer of Rilo Kiley helped them get to LA to play in a video game tournament while being chased by a bounty hunter. The boys of OK Party want to watch it with you while they comment on the movie MST3K style (making jokes at the movie's expense and to your delight). Also, the Waiting Room's very own Jon Pitts will be conducting a condensed version of the very popular Nintendo Power Hour with Super Mario 3 (just like in the movie!), with the championship round being played on the big screen after the show for a cash prize (just like in the movie!). Come for the movie, the comedy, to play some video gamesjust come!

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