Omaha Film Festival Fall Mixer

Amanda Simanek 23 views

It's that time of year again...the official CALL FOR ENTRIES deadline is 11/16 but if you're a filmmaker and/or screenwriter and you have an entry that you'd like to submit, attend the party and you have an extra week to complete your entry!

If you've already submitted your entry, come out and relax and have fun. If you're looking to launch a new project or if you just want to hang out with other cool like-minded folks, this is your opportunity.

Team leaders will be in attendance so if you're interested in volunteering you can speak with them. We're also starting to organize this year's Writer's Theatre so if you're an actor and you're interested in participating, bring your information and we'll have a sign-up book available.

Announcements will start at about 7:00pm:

Julie Matthews will talk about some exciting volunteer opportunities

Sign-up sheets will be available for opportunities for this year's Writer's Theatre.

A cash bar will be available with some refreshing beverages from one of the coolest places in town, the Brickway Brewery & Distillery!

Free admission to the party...invite your friends, come down, hang out, and have fun!

PARKING - our good friends at FBG have allowed us to use their parking lot across the street to the south of the OFFice during the party!

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