Omaha Rocks Unplugged 3

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Midwest Elite Concerts Presents:

Omaha Rocks Unplugged 3

March 15 8:00 pm $5

Featuring performances by Arson City, Shane Vogel of The Impulsive, Brian Adams of Before I Burn, Tica Perri and Carrie Ann Buchanan of the Shineys, Aly Peeler, Sean Thomas of Devil In The Details, Blake Jones of Desiato, Tiffany Headley & Chad Buettner of Tragic Kingdom, Benn Sieff of Bennie and the Gents, Matt and Alex Dibaise of Save The Hero, Lori Piper of The Clincher, Jesse Dean of Narcotic Self, Ricky Szablowski of We Be Lions with Mike Wohlhutter of Born On Leap Year, Chad Dividead of Mindflight, J. Crum with Anthony Flakus, from Achilles Last Band and Fools n Rose's is the combo of Mike Krueger/Cory Pawloski/Matt Korz, and from the world of Ventura Blvd doing this hits of Tom Petty is Rick Spurgin/Mike Stenger/Cory Pawloski

This event is fueled by the memories of the legendary MTV unplugged specials that we all grew up on. It is in their spirit of this, that we have assembled some of the elite in Omaha's metal and hard rock music scene. Combined with seasoned veterans of the tribute and cover band scene with dashes of singer songwriter genres for flavor. This night will be filled with originals as well as plenty of amazingly crafted covers fitting for this amazing one night only performance. This is all stripped down and unplugged. Come see it for yourself and be a part of the magic.

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