Omaha Sexy Nerds Society presents: We Live in the Future

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So as many of you may know, 2015 is the year that Marty McFly travels to in Back to the Future 2. We still don't have hover boards or flying cars yet but there are many things that we have now that would have blown our minds even a decade, let alone 20 years ago!! The internet, wearable tech, 3d printing, smart phones, driverless cars, and much more! We have discovered exoplanets that are in habitable zones and we are developing nanobots to fight cancer and protect us from disease. Science fiction is becoming science fact quick!! And this Omaha Sexy Nerd Society event is about celebrating that fact with futuristic sounding music and your interpretations of what the future looks like!!! Here is what to expect....

- $5 cover for 4 awesome djs!! Mike Ekoh, Clancy The REbuilder (The Citizens), Jp Goode Beats (HHN, Disco Project Recording, The Citizens), and Stephen Bils!!!

- Cosplay contest!! Come dressed as a character from Back to The future or in that style or come as what you think people will dress like 30 years from now. Make it outlandish or take cues from other futuristic movies!! Think mylar, blacklight reflective body paint, and other stuf like that. Not only will the winner of the Cosplay contest get a free badge to CONgregation 2015: Genesis, but anyone in costume will get VIP drink specials like $3 vodka and gin wells and $3 sinfire shots!!

- Futuristic lighting and decor

- Back To The Future and Future Tech Trivia

- Live recording of the event from Mike Ekoh and professional pics by Logan Spencer McCurdy of McCurdy Pix

- All the great fun and people you have come to expect from an OSNS event!!

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