Oquoa, Carl Miller and the Thrillers, Field Division

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Oquoa began as the recording project for Max Holmquist (the great american desert) Roger Lewis (neva dinova/conduits) and J.J. Idt (eagle seagull/conduits) in fall 2012. With a full set of songs they entered the studio and started playing shows under the name oquoa. They released the album in the summer of 2014 after Idt left the band. Patrick Newbery (cursive/tim kasher solo) joined on keys that Summer and Mike Overfield (conduits/eagle seagull) on bass.

Carl Miller and the Thrillers-Omaha-based Brazilian music group

Field Division is a Des Moines based folkwave duo whose songs explore the line where dreams and reality blur, where sound waves and stories intertwine. The rich and hauntingly beautiful music created by Evelyn Taylor and Nicholas Frampton, is a blend of classic songwriting (think 60s/70s folk rock vibes) and modern dream pop.

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