Oquoa w/ Sunbathe (Portland, Or) & Razors

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Oquoa - finally are playing Brothers

About Oquoa: Max Holmquist has been writing songs for years under different names like the Great American Desert and South of Lincoln, but he took on an entirely different flavor when he teamed up with other indie rock musicians to form Oquoa. Holmquist's solid songwriting has an equally solid foundation of guitar, drums, bass and keyboards with Roger Lewis, Patrick Newbery and Michael Overfield behind him, and it shows on the band's six-song EP, "In Oneir," which was released last year.


Sunbathe - from Portland, Or

Singer Maggie Morris' new solo album, Sunbathe, is a collection of tracks that weren't quite right for her other band, Portland dream-pop group Genders. The project highlights her song-writing abilities, which are impressive on their own. These lovelorn and wistful lyrics are wrapped in heavenly guitar riffs wavering between surf and shoegaze.



Razors - might be your last chance to see Alek perform before he leaves to the otherside of the ocean




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