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Orange Blossom Special is a high-energy Rock n Roll band that can best be described as a Full-Tilt Explosion of Fun!!!

The Orange County-based trio made up of brothers, Anton (guitar/vocals) and Alan Hoetker (bass/vocals) along with the hard hitting Andrew Rivas (drums), takes inspiration from the best of Classic Rock guitar licks with the punch, voltage, and hooks of '90s alternative rock. Imagine a potent cocktail of Lynyrd Skynyrd meets AC/DC with Stone Temple Pilots driving the rhythm for extra muscle.

Orange Blossom Special has started to make a name for themselves, leaving a lasting impression in the minds of those who witness their anything goes live show. The band lives by the motto: "Any place, anytime, anywhere! Play every show like it's your last and leave it all on the stage." Orange Blossom Special is made up of three guys playing their hearts out and loving every minute of it. Welcome to the PARTY!

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***Newly added - Imaginary Tricks will be playing at 10pm!***

Imaginary Tricks is Mike Visser, Harlan Muir, David Beale, and Sam Wadsworth. Building upon traditional song structures, Mike incorporates looped bass and guitar lines while playing drums and singing over them, pouring his lungs out over amplified sounds. Harlan plays keys, and contributes tape delay, and auxiliary sounds. David is a beast on drums and Sam plays those sweet bass lines.

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