Party Like It's 1949! | NYE

Sarah Cooper 2,610 views

Join us for a paradisiacal new year's eve escape!

For the discerning escapist looking to ditch the mess of 2016, ascend into the dreamiest little tropical basement in the midwest.

Sip on exotic rums while nestled between a glowing & breathing faux jungle. Order a punch bowl for your group and witness the forest speak in thunderous applause. See your reflection in the mysterious grotto and witness the future unfold. Indulge in salty savoriness with our complimentary egg roll & crab rangoon buffet (from 6pm until we consume it all). Ditch the cliche champagne to instead toast the new year with a on-the-house round of Rum Rickey's. Dress the part(y) while wearing a tiki shirt or skirt and we'll thank ya with a frozen Dole Whip daiquiri.

This is new year's eve Laka Lono style!

Opening at 5pm / No Reservations & No Cover

Laka Lono Rum Club


We take a playful approach to the narrative that humans have always longed for a paradise on earth, even if it is a make-believe...