Patron Pick Music Night at Jerry's Bar with The Vintage Stereo

Sarah Cooper 618 views

Come down to Jerry's and play you're favorite songs for people you may or may not know, and hear great songs you may or may not have heard. We are going to have a beautiful sounding restored vintage Kenwood amplifier from the 70's in all of its shiny glory powering some high quality speakers. You will probably hear nuanced details in your favortie songs you've never heard before.

We will have a music streaming service hooked up so you don't need to worry about bringing any prized records or CD's out of their protective sleeves, but if that's more your style we will also have a turntable and cd player hooked up as well. Sadly, Taylor Swift is not available unless you have a hard copy.


- This is the first time we've done this, and to kick it off we are playing the new Carson City Heat record in it's entirety.

- After that it's up to the people, and with the recent election we think it might be fun to play some songs that express how we really feel. Music is a universal language.

The stereo sounds great. If you've never heard fully restored and modified vintage audio equipment you've got to come check it out. It's really the next best thing to having the actual band playing in your living room.

Jerry's Bar


The bar that is now Jerry's first opened its doors in 1955 when Al Leiche built the strip mall the bar is part of. The bar went through...