Pawmedy! @ The Hideout

Blake Higginbotham 48 views

Pawmedy! returns next month with a new slew of comedians at an all new venue, The Hideout! This show will be free, but of course a suggested donation of 5 bucks will go to a no-kill animal shelter here in Nebraska! Be awesome, donate more! Or be a jerk, donate nothing! Either way, come enjoy the show!

Since Pawmedy! began last fall, you guys have helped to raise over 500 dollars for the Town and Country Humane Society! That is so amazing! But there are other no-kill shelters and rescue groups working hard in Nebraska as well! In this edition of Pawmedy!, all donations will go to Little White Dog Rescue! (dont worry, they rescue black and brown dogs too!)

David Campbell
Cody Wayne Hurd
Brandon Cordes
Jordan Kleine
David Kousgaard
Mollie Bartlett

Starts at 8pm!

Lookout Lounge

(402) 391-2554

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