Peace, Love Etc.

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We only have a handful shows left, so catch us when you can! Each gig is a celebration!

Good news/bad news time:

The good news is that PLE is finishing up three of our original songs, including Brad Cordle's "Taking For Granted," at Rainbow Recording Studios. We hope to have them completed, mixed, and available for download soon. We will get some CD's made too, and we'll be sure to let you know when they're ready to hear.

The bad news is that, due to miles, time, logistics, our other bands, jobs, kids, grand- and great grandkids, & etc., we just don't have enough time to put into the band. As our old keyboardist said, "Bands that don't rehearse, die," and I agree. All good things come to an end.

Oh, and our friends at Growler have suspended most live shows for the summer, too

Our remaining shows are on our website, Peace, Love, Etc. has enjoyed a phenomenal, 8-year run, with (3) OEAA nominations along the way. Thanks for your limitless love and encouragement. You have lifted our spirits at least as much as we've lifted yours. Our last show will be Friday, October 4th, @ Ozone.

We hope to see you Friday, June 7th @ Ozone, as well as at the rest of our shows.

Peace, Love, out-


Ozone Lounge


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