Peace, Love, Etc.

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Hello Peace Lovers. I hope this Spring has been good for you so far. Peace, Love, Etc. is taking a couple weeks off to work up some new additions to our songbook. We're really eager to show what we've been up to when we return to Ozone on Friday, June 9 at 9 pm.

Many of you are aware that I've been working and writing with a phenomenal young artist, "Jocelyn", for the last 3 years. Two months ago, Jocelyn and her manager, my friend Jeff McClain, flew to Austin for an "open mic" which was actually taping of an Undercover Boss segment featuring none other than country star and ex-Hootie & the Blowfish leader, Darius Rucker! We've been sworn to secrecy until now, and now we want everybody to tune in.

Political tensions are very high right now, and much is at stake in our country, so let's all really be kind to each other and show that love is what we're here for. We'll be fine as long as we look out for each other and those really in need.

Ozone Lounge


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