Peace, Love, Etc. @ Ozone - Saturday 5/23

Sarah Cooper 50 views

Peace, Love, Etc. plays an energetic, danceable mix of classic pop/rock music.Eclectic but accessible; instantly familiar yet not overplayed, our diverse set-list brings smiling recognition to the audience and draws them into the music and onto the dance floor and never lets go.


A Peace, Love, Etc. performance is memorable and remarkable. From Dan’s elegant, emotional guitar solos to Bucky’s astounding chops on sax, flute, keyboards and vocals, the music is always full, passionate and precise; never stale or sterile. Barry’s unstoppable energy, personality, power and finesse on the drums both anchors and propels Peace, Love, Etc., and with Brian's deep, groovin’ bass, this rhythm section kills; both rock-solid and elastic.  JR’s voice, harps and guitars round out the songs; it’s all here, with decades of experience, tons of passion and a carefree abandon that’s quite obvious and burns hot & bright onstage. But when Mary Frances takes the stage, she brings the light, the love and the magic. A beauty inside and out, Mary Frances owns any song she sings; her voice, soul and sincerity are at once irrepressible and irresistible. The onstage chemistry within this band is exhilarating and uplifting; much better witnessed than described.

Ozone Lounge


Ozone lounge is one of Omaha's best live music venues. Located next to Anthony's Steakhouse off of 72nd st and I80 its easy to get...